OneSchool Video Guidelines

November 28, 2017


STERLING EDUCATION June 2017 V 1.0 Subject: OneSchool Global Video Guidelines

In view of standardizing our approach to marketing, we wish to communicate the below video guidelines to all campuses globally to ensure all videos being published are professional and only include content and activities that are in accordance with OneSchool Global Policies, Values & Ethos.

• All videos must present our school, students, and teachers in accordance with our Ethos and Values. For example, time wasting in class, cruelty to animals and inappropriate language do not comply with our ethos and values.

• Dancing: Dancing is not condoned at our schools or OneSchool events and will not be published in any OneSchool videos.

• Excursions: Any videos from excursions must adhere to the OneSchool Excursion Policy.

• Leisure based activities such as horse riding, paintball/laser, high wires/zip lining, white water rafting, Skiing, Quad/motorbikes etc. will not be shown.

• Anything that is not part of the school program will not be marketed by OneSchool. This includes community Fundays, end of year formals or farewells etc.

• Dress: School uniform unless for a specific event. E.g. Sports day or excursion. (educational excursions that may require you to wear something other than uniform)

• Language: If spoken in a language other than English, please use subtitles.

• All speaking/singing must be clear and understandable.

• Videos must be high quality.

• All videos sent to Sterling must be able to be downloaded. Sterling reserves the right to edit any videos before publishing if required.

• All videos will be hosted by Sterling. Hosting on personal Wistia, OneDrive, DropBox, etc., accounts is not permitted.

• Music: No pre-recorded backing music or any other background audio that could be in breach of copyright laws. Legally acquired instrumentals are accepted.

• All comments & blog capabilities must be turned off. OneSchool greatly appreciates receiving regular videos from your school. We would like to encourage all schools globally to continue creating videos that display our fantastic culture and school environment!


Please email us at if you have anything you would like to share.

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