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October 20, 2017

East Team Update,

Thank you for your amazing efforts this quarter! I am constantly impressed with your loyalty, engagement and passion to do what is right for those you work with and those children you are serving. Being an educator is the most challenging work that there is. Thank goodness it is also rewarding. I hope you take time to relax and refresh over the next two weeks. Thank you for everything you do to make our school an amazing place to learn and work.


East Regional Announcements:

• All educators’ Grades and comments, deadline has been extended to 10/27

• Parents will be receiving access to 1st quarter Grades on November 1

• We will have an ALL Staff meeting on Monday November 6th to review new Policies: Attendance, Virtual Conferencing and Learning Center

• We will have an extended Morning Announcement time on Tuesday, November 7th to share these policies with students. It will be recorded. • New and Updated Policies are attached for your review

• MAP Data analysis has begun. Some of that analysis is attached for educators to review.


East Regional Reminders:

• The HUB: As our Sterling Regional and National correspondence will shift to using the “HUB”, please check it frequently to be kept abreast of all the news that is fit to print. I have attached the HUB introductory email to this email for your convenience. This HUB, while new, is intended to provide a more expedient and efficient manner of communicating things that have traditionally been emailed. It is recommended that you check it once a day.

• December 20 is a staff admin day. The agenda will include: Tips and tricks for Zoom Instruction and Curriculum Writing for Q 3

• Fall Break is from 10/20 through 11/5!!!

• Teachers should continue to utilize NWEA MAP results to inform instruction.

• We are establishing a process for distributing MAP results to students and parents in hard copy that will be communicated to Campus Secretaries on Monday, 10/16.

• ROE has been moved on our calendar from the 17th of November to the 20th to accommodate for CP (SELT TEAM) travel from their SELT Conference in Baltimore scheduled for 11/15-11/16..

• Curriculum will continue to have open office hours beginning next week from 11-12 EST on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


East Regional Expectations: (New)

• Teachers should craft grade-related comments that are constructive and personalized so that parents receive information about their students that can help them partner with us to inspire and engage our students to meet high expectations.

• Teachers should contact campus principals at other campuses to alert them if students behavior at those campuses is unacceptable. CPs will then support by providing expedient response.

• It is our expectation that teachers will remain on VC / Zoom with their students, even if they give their student independent time, throughout their entire class period. Students cannot be sent to the LC or an alt location without the prior permission of the students’ Campus Principal.

• It is our expectation that students will spend Study time in the Learning Center unless they are in a face to face class, or an alternative Adult supervised location as permitted by their Campus Principal

• It is our expectation that students will log in to their classes on time in an appropriate educational setting that is conducive to learning, and follow-suit in terms of being muted or unmuted depending on teacher expectations.

• It is our expectation that students will be fully engaged in class when class is in session. This means that students will be singularly focused on the academic task at hand for the class that is in session. This focus will be demonstrated by asking relevant questions, engaging in appropriate student discourse, and actively listening to content being discussed by peers and their teacher, with an intentional focus on meeting the teacher’s expectations.

• It is our expectation that teachers will communicate concerns with on and off-campus Campus Principals whenever students are not managing their learning appropriately or technology is hindering teaching and learning.

• It is our expectation that students will not be signing in to classes from home or outside of the school building (without ED approval). Campus Principals AND teachers have the right to tell the student to be indoors should they witness this. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list, these expectations must be communicated and executed with fidelity as they are part of the essential structures of ensuring we have consistent and reliable standard operating procedures in every campus across our region.


Best, Ben

Ben Costa | Educational Director

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