IXL Accounts for Math Support

October 6, 2017

Elementary/Secondary Math Teachers and Campus Principals:


In an effort to clear up recent confusions with the use of IXL, an online program that offers comprehensive practice in math, the Curriculum Team, in collaboration with the Educational Directors and the Student Success Team, has finalized who will have access to this program and how it will be used in the classroom. IXL is a supplemental program only and should not be used in place of current curriculum. While we agree that the use of IXL for all students is valid, we also find validity in the concerns surrounding how to use it most effectively.


With that being said, IXL will be used based on a two-tier plan. Student licenses will be used based on the following levels of priority for both elementary and secondary students:

1. ILPs noted with specific math needs

2. MAP data – any student performing below the 40th percentile overall for math


Now that teachers have access to the initial MAP data reports, each math and elementary teacher will collaborate with the appropriate Student Success Coordinator and/or Campus Principal (local and far-end) to identify the students who meet the above criteria. Once that list for each math course has been compiled, the course teacher, whether it be elementary or secondary, and Regional Math Subject Leader should work together to make sure those students have access to IXL. After students have received access, Regional Math Subject Leaders will report how many students are using IXL to the regional Student Success Coordinator and Danielle.Fletcher@Sterling.Education. Please submit this information to your SSC and Danielle by Friday, October 13.

To summarize, these are the steps to follow:

1. Math/Elementary teacher will identify students meeting the above criteria (collaborate with SSC/CP)

2. Report list of students to Regional Math SL

3. Regional Math SL to assign account log-ins to students

4. Regional Math SL to report license usage to Danielle Fletcher


We currently do not have enough licenses for every student to have access and need to assess our overall need once students needing IXL accounts based on above criteria are given priority. Students currently using IXL that do not meet the above criteria should no longer use IXL. However, if a student has been actively using the program and has data progress stored within their account, please hold off on removing the student entirely until further direction is given. If a student has an account but has no progress or does not have stored data then their accounts should be removed to make sure we have enough licenses available for the immediate need. While we will have some additional licenses left over, we do not want to put ourselves in a position where we have to choose which students will receive a license and which students will not, thus we will wait and reevaluate the need for purchasing additional licenses for the remaining students.

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