Our History

During the early 1990's, several education centers in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean were established by Christian parents who, for a time, had home-schooled their children. Parents worked together to share tutors and resources. These early arrangements led to the development of a small system of private schools. Sterling Education was established in 2004 to provide coordination, expertise and a support structure for these schools. A uniform curriculum was created, built to rigidly high standards, allowing our schools to share resources and work closely together.

Who operates Sterling schools?

Sterling schools are managed by Christians, known as The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.  At the regional level, each campus is operated by a regional management team, who liaise closely with their professional staff. These management teams are affiliated with the central structure of Sterling Education, which provides a wide range of financial, legal, and curriculum support across North America.


Sterling Education also employs a team of support professionals, guiding and supporting campus staff in the areas of Curriculum, Learning Support, HR, Information & Communications Technology, Finance, Quality Assurance, and more. This arrangement gives the benefit of strong central support, combined with regional responsibility and control.

Our Beliefs


We are conservative in the sense that we uphold strong Christian values and beliefs yet progressive in our capacity to deliver a single school approach across multiple campuses, and in the methods we employ to teach our curriculum.

Our School is committed to a set of values that are based on the Holy Bible and believe in the moral protection of our children, encouraging parents to have an active interest in the education of their children.

We are a mainstream secular school, not having any formal religious observances or services held at the School. The conducting of Current Affairs and Bible Studies programs remain the responsibility of the community.

For further background information the endorsed Plymouth Brethren Christian Church site is: http://www.plymouthbrethrenchristianchurch.org/

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