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With the focus on Self Directed Learning, teachers at Sterling are taking the increasingly important stance of essential learning partners, guiding, supporting and steering students according to their needs, preferences and abilities. It is opening up the most wonderful opportunities to all students and is producing amazing outcomes.

Sterling is making a significant contribution to career progression and professional development in independent education. Our focus is on recruiting, training and retaining, with innovations such as the Sterling Teacher Academy raising the bar in all areas. Teachers are drawn from both the state and independent sectors and a breadth of cultural and professional diversity has created a strong teaching structure that we’re keen to keep strengthening. 

We value and support our staff to ensure they get the status and qualifications they need and deserve. Of the 1,600 dedicated educational professionals the OneSchool network employs globally, over 200 work in the USA, Canada and the Caribbean in close cooperation, sharing best practice, professional learning opportunities and resources.

The development of learning and teaching in Sterling schools, including the introduction of the inclusive classroom, a differentiated curriculum and the pursuit of the Self Directed Learning pathway, has created an opportunity for the creative and innovative teachers who want to take the challenge outside the norms of the traditional classroom. As a result, we are experiencing high job satisfaction and excellent student outcomes.

Increasing technology for learning, online teaching and the virtual classroom environment aren't for everyone, but the Sterling Learning Network gives teachers the power to deliver, making online teaching and teaching technology a natural part of your career path. Our new Teacher Academy gives teachers the confidence to deliver, where training and professional development becomes an essential part of your career portfolio, driving progress in learning and teaching throughout the organization.

Working at a Sterling School

As many Sterling professionals would relate, working at a Sterling School is an incredibly positive experience, offering professionals the opportunity to thrive in an exceptional environment. Benefits include small class sizes, students from stable families, a well-defined discipline standard, uniformed students, top-quality curriculum, good pay and benefits, and much more.

Teachers are valued as professionals and rewarded for their expertise. They do not need to agree with Plymouth Brethren beliefs. However, teaching staff members are asked to respect Brethren beliefs and way of life and not undermine them, and to have regard for the ethos and values of the Sterling system. Staff working at a Sterling school will be directly employed by the local school board, but will benefit from central resources, support, and professional development offered on a continuing basis. It is a unique experience working in a small school with dedicated groups of students, yet having the backing of a large organization with more than 200 professional staff that share ideas, resources, and skills.

Parents generally place great importance on having their children educated up to college-entrance level, and encourage teachers to challenge them to reach their full potential and provide support if there are special needs. Staff members expect and generally receive very strong ongoing support from parents.

Sterling schools are looking for:         

  • Teachers who are looking to further their experience and professionalism within a challenging international curriculum

  • Teachers who can embrace the Learning to Learn and SDL teaching methods

  • Individuals who can contribute to the whole school environment

  • Committed and enthusiastic staff who care about children

  • Teachers who have leadership potential or experience

  • People who are passionate about their subjects

  • Teachers who inspire others

Sterling Schools Provide:

  • Good moral standards and Christian ethos

  • The advantage of supportive parents

  • Professional development for staff

  • High standards of teaching

  • An ordered environment

  • Small class sizes

Sterling Schools Value:

  • Staff who are dedicated to the development of every student's potential

  • The moral, spiritual, social, and cultural development of all students

  • High standards of behavior and discipline

  • Service to others and the community

  • Academic and practical achievement

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