A School System of Excellence

Sterling Education is a school system of excellence, comprised of 38 private schools located across North America and the Caribbean. Currently the system provides over 1200 elementary, middle and high school students grades 3-12 with an outstanding and challenging education.


As part of our ongoing quest to bring excellence to our students, our staff, and the community, Sterling Education promotes a culture of continual improvement. 


With this in mind, Sterling Education schools are proud to be part of the OneSchool Global organization, allowing increased global collaboration, cooperation and support to enhance the education experience for every student.

OneSchool Educational Philosophy

Each student should be prepared with the skills to be a self-directed life-long learner.Life-long learning is a quality of a student's character and empowers them to exhibit leadership and make a meaningful commitment and contribution to the community, family and workplace.

To support students to be self-directed learners, teaching emphasizes the skill set of thinking critically, processing information perceptually, analyzing data accurately and evaluating situations intelligently.

Students learn independently and collaboratively with peers and teachers.

Sterling Accreditation – AdvancED

AdvancED is the global leader in providing continuous improvement and accreditation services to over 32,000 institutions serving 20 million students worldwide.

As part of Sterling's commitment to continuous improvement, we undertook a system-wide review and secured AdvancEd accreditation in 2011. Beginning with the graduating class of 2012, all Sterling diplomas now carry the  AdvancED certification, a tribute to the excellence found in the Sterling system.

In 2016 AdvancEd carried out a 5 year audit and renewed our accreditation.

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