Ambassadors of Change

July 25, 2018

For the last few weeks of the school year, Mr. VanEss assigned his Global Perspectives students with an "Ambassadors of Change" assignment. For this assignment, we were to come up with and implement solutions to problems that presented themselves in our campuses, or use our leadership skills to help make our schools a better place for everyone. Some students chose to redecorate rooms or walls, while others decided to build workout rooms. With help and input from others, Ashley and I rearranged our learning center, with the ultimate goal of making it more effective and getting the most use out of the spaces provided, as throughout the year, we had been noticing that there seemed to be a lack of independent spaces, and too many collaborative areas. We chose to split up some of the large collaborative areas into smaller areas that could be used independently if need be, and position all of the independent areas so that they are relatively in the same area to decrease the distractions that could be caused from the collaborative areas. See below for pictures of our improved learning center! 




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