Lego League - 2018/19 School Year

July 6, 2018

Dear Students, Parents, and Staff


Are you interested in joining the FIRST Lego League for the 2018/19 school year?  If so, please see the below message from Mr. Andrew Guerrero.


Please also click the following links for the FLL Budget Worksheet  and the Hydro-Dynamics Coaches Handbook .  


From Mr. Andrew Guerrero:


So you wanna Lego.....


What does every FIRST LEGO League team need?

  • 2 or more adult coaches willing and motivated to guide the team through the discovery and competition season (and beyond) – no special technical experience is required

  • Up to 10 or as few as 2 students ages 9 to 14 willing to put in time and do any job the team needs to succeed (lots of important jobs available for all skill levels and interests). In North America*, participants must be 9 to 14 years old. 

  • A suitable meeting place, either public or private, that can accommodate a 4 x 8-foot playing field table, and has internet access

  • A computer or tablet with the programming software installed or the ability to use the web based version of the software

  • A standard Challenge Set and a common set of rules issued by FIRST and LEGO

  • A paid team registration, official team number, and a LEGO MINDSTORMS robot set( note we can field more teams in our Sterling Internal competitions as we do not need to be registered)

Follow the link to register for the course You must register in order to buy your items.


We are planning at least one Sterling event and multiple shared practices during the  quarters in order to bring more excitement and a feeling of comradery among the teams.  If you wish to compete in non-Sterling Competitions you would need to check with your local Partner to see what events are being offered. Usually there is a qualifying tournament (which will have an entry fee for this tournament only) and then championship rounds that the teams are invited to that go regional, state, national and world.  I have included last year’s Coaches Handbook as well as a budget worksheet which should answer any questions you have on starting or re-registering the team.



U.S. $ Price (USD)

Team Registration: $299.00 This covers registration and Game Mat & Field Setup Pieces
FIRST LEGO League EV3 Robot Set : $489.95  (Robot cost vary as you may be able to get a Robot used or at a better cost by a third party)

May, 2018

Registration Opens 

August 1

Global Challenge Release

Late September - Early October*

Team Registration Closes

November – March

Tournament Season

April, 2019

World Festivals in Houston, Texas, USA, and Detroit, Michigan, USA





Jonathon Borys  Educational Director | National Support Office

Mob +1 330 304 0192  Email Jonathon.Borys@Sterling.Education



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