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January 30, 2018


As we approach February, here are some reminders about upcoming dates and events:


Pacing: We are beginning week 5 of Unit 3, which concludes on March 2nd. Culminating projects are to be completed by this date and unit 4 will begin on March 5th. Please refer to the Block 2 and 4 Scope and Sequence charts to make sure you are following the recommended pacing for each content area.


Spelling Bee: Regional Spelling Bees will be Feb. 15th. You will be receiving specific details from your regional Bee Coordinator.

Battle of the Books: Students still have almost 3 months to complete the reading of the books. The Regional Battle of the books will take place the week of April 23rd.


Pen Pal Letters: Rotation 1 Pen Pal letters are due Feb. 16th.


Unit Resources: Please make sure the books and resources that are used specifically for the unit plans are collected, labeled and stored as soon as a unit is concluded.


If you have any questions please reach out to april.enochs@sterling.education or you Subject Leader.

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