Sterling Prepares Students For Self-Direction in the Workplace By Ketsia Brandsen

January 3, 2018

Usually when you walk into a school you plan on seeing students bent over desks with a teacher dictating a lesson. This is how it was here at the Portland campus, until about the start of this school year. Over the summer the Sterling schools in the US did major remodels, in order to create a very special learning center for a new kind of learning. These centers are designed for self-directed learning, and allow students to work at their own pace, problem solving, discovering and learning on their own. Designed after an office atmosphere, they also help train students how to work well in the work environment. As a student the SLC (student learning center) is a great area for doing all types of work. I am able to choose what to work on, and how to do it by myself and I am given the opportunity to work with my peers or teachers whenever I need. This type of environment and learning style helps me, and all the other students become more prepared for facing the work world in the future



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